Surface coatings of the latest

Self- and air-cleaning coatings with 8-fold effect. Environmentally friendly, antimicrobial and disinfecting effect up to several years.

Coatings for engines and gears

Professional application of nanoproofed® surface coating
Keep your engine clean effortlessly with surface coating
Professional surface coating - Environmentally friendly solution
Environmentally friendly products - Sustainable and long-lasting effects

Sustainable performance optimization of PV modules through nano-coating

Semi-permanent coating with 25-year durability - Long-lasting protection
Product of highest quality

Through innovative sealing to higher energy efficiency and amortization in the shortest possible time.
Improvement in transmission and lasting cleanliness over many years.

Protection and cleanliness for roof, facade, windows and solar.

Discover the unique benefits of a coating for all surfaces in your home.


Inovendo services for greater sustainability and future viability.


We see ourselves as experts for the implementation of sustainable, environmentally conscious innovations in modern business processes for the benefit of active environmental and social development.


For developers and producers of corresponding products we work on an international level as exclusive partner in distribution, further development and marketing of their products technologies.


We accompany companies and other institutions in the integration of sustainable products and products into future-oriented work and process cycles.

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Our employees have many years of experience and expertise in the areas of management, sales, communication, project development as well as national and international contacts in business, politics and institutions in various areas of society.

nanoproofed surface

Clean, uncontaminated air and contact surfaces.

Discover the possibilities of ultra-thin, transparent coatings that are effective for years with nanoproofed surface coating. Environmentally friendly, self-cleaning and air-cleaning surfaces are the perfect support for hygiene concepts in any industry.

Shared experience is indispensable for people. At work, while shopping, traveling, or spending time in public spaces – we spend up to 95 percent of our lives together in enclosed spaces, whose air is exposed to 5 times the pollution of fresh air. Viruses, bacteria and other multi-resistant germs as well as allergens and ultra-fine dust are transmitted through the air and settle on surfaces. Direct contact with surfaces leads to further deposits as well as transmission of microorganisms to humans. Thus, indoor air and surfaces are the decisive factors when it comes to creating an environment conducive to health and performance.

Nanoproofed surface coating can be applied to almost any surface: hard, soft, colored, transparent, smooth or textured.

The environmentally friendly basis of the coatings is water, which simply evaporates. What remains on each surface is a photocatalytically active, invisible and imperceptible layer that is subsequently highly resistant to abrasion. It can be effective for up to many years.


We spend 95% of our lives indoors

Nanoproofed, environmentally friendly products

nanoproofed surface coating:

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Long-term nanoproofed surface coatings make surfaces an active factor in modern hygiene and health concepts. They not only protect contact surfaces from contamination with microorganisms for years, but also purify the air in the room at the same time.

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