Environmentally friendly products - Sustainable and long-lasting effects

Sustainable performance of PV modules through nanocoating

Thanks to innovative sealing, higher energy efficiency and amortization in the shortest possible time. Improvement of transmission and lasting cleanliness for many years.​

Semi-permanent coating with 25-year durability - Long-lasting protection
Product of highest quality
  • Increase in visible light transmission of more than 2.5%
  • Clean surface of the solar modules
  • An average additional yield of 7.5%
  • Semi-permanent, durability of approx. 25 years
  • Reduces costs through self-cleaning and fouling prevention
  • Environmentally friendly through air purification

nanoproofed® surface coating solar panel is a photocatalytic surface coating. It is based on the latest nanotechnology and serves as a transmission amplifier for white glass, poly-silicon surfaces and FTO glass for solar cells. The coating has been proven to increase transmission and at the same time reduce maintenance costs through self-cleaning and the prevention of fouling.

Environmentally friendly products - Sustainable and long-lasting effects

Sustainably invested for more efficiency – we increase the performance of your photovoltaic system

By professionally applying nanoproofed® surface coating solar panel, the effective light output is increased by 5 ~ 6% compared to uncoated cells.

Photocatalysis is the ability to decompose dangerous organic substances under the influence of light. It is partly responsible for the hydrophobicity. The combination of these two effects generates self-cleaning. nanoproofed® surface coating solar panel is a specially developed photocatalytic coating system for photovoltaic and solar cells to produce better transmission and less reflection.

Solar panel coatings - Enhance performance and increase energy output

Product features

  • Type: water-alcohol dispersion
  • Appearance: Opalescent colloid
  • Liquid: water – alcohol
  • Particle size (nm): 15 ~ 25
  • Solids content: 1.6 +/- 0.1
  • PH: 3-5
  • Viscosity (cps, 20 degrees): max 10
  • Application method: spray
  • Drying conditions: 15 ~ 2000 C/15 min
  • Shelf life: 12 months (100-200 degrees)
  • Pencil hardness: ->7H

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