Latest generation coatings for engines and transmissions.

Nano-engineered surface coating for LKW engines - Optimal efficiency and reliability

nanoproofed® surface coating industrial is a unique, innovative research product based on nanotechnology that cleans and maintains the engine interior (oil circuit) and coats it with a special mixture in such a way that economic, ecological and technical benefits are created.

TÜV - certified effectiveness

The product has been tested and certified by TÜV for its effectiveness.

For more performance and a longer service life thanks to less friction.

When the mixture is introduced into the friction zone, active centers of nano-crystalline structures are formed at the defective areas using the friction energy, which continually renew themselves in the form of micro-modified metal layers.

Professional surface coating - Environmentally friendly solution

nanoproofed® surface coating industrial is suitable for every engine and brings more performance with less fuel consumption. At the same time, the oil change intervals are extended and the engine is constantly cleaned.

Enhanced durability with Nanoproofed coating - Prolong engine lifespan
Next-generation surface protection for LKW engines - Boost performance and longevity

Suitable for all engines and transmissions.

  • Significant savings in fuel consumption
  • Systematic cleaning of the engine interior
    from all operational contamination
  • Regenerating defective areas on the metal surface
  • Optimization of compression on all cylinders and thus optimization of engine performance
  • Increase in oil pressure
  • CO/CH and other exhaust gases are reduced significantly
  • The service life of the oil is significantly extended
  • Reduction in engine vibration and noise levels – up to 0.5 dB
  • Increasing engine life
  • Also for gearboxes

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